Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hospital Boxes, Revisited.

Remember the hospital box fiasco? Well there is not much to report on the hospital front. I've left messages with several people but never get a call back. Even the social worker who was "eager to help in any way she could" (yeah, right) has never called me back. There is something about Mankato...I don't know what it is. I suppose all call her again one of these days, but I just know she's the wrong person to work with.

Anyways, these beautiful boxes have just been sitting in Samuel's closet for months and it was breaking my heart. So I decided to send them to the mother's I meet in All That Love Can Do. So far, I've been able to send out 3 boxes! The problem is that they are SUPER expensive to ship with the beautiful boxes, so I had to forgo them and just send the contents. Oh well, I know it's still meaningful to the families. I am really hoping to make these care boxes a regular thing I do with the group. I'm trying to figure out how I can raise money to make them and ship them. (If you have an idea, please comment below!!).

I'm just so sad that Mankato was not open to them. I don't know how to reach the other parents in my own community who are doing a beautiful and selfless thing by carrying to term. I'll keep thinking and working...hopefully things will work out soon.

I hope someday that All That Love Can Do can be a major player in the babyloss/carrying to term world. I'd love to see brochures and materials in hospitals so families can make more informed decisions about the benefits of carrying to term. I'd love to give a box to each family to let them know they are doing a beautiful thing.

Franchesca, of Small Bird Studios, is going to be designing a custom website for me in March. I can't wait! I know it's going to be so beautiful! I don't know much about how to reach a wider audience, so I'll have to keep brainstorming on that as well.

One more fun thing... I've been asked to write for the upcoming United Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss newsletter. I'm excited to share Samuel with a large audience and to hopefully get the word out about carrying to term. It comes out March 1st; I'll post a link when it goes live. I was honored to be asked (and nervous too... they have thousands of readers...eek!) 

I know my Samuel is making a difference in the lives of other families facing this terrible road.

Missing my bunny today <3 <3


  1. I think what you are doing is wonderful!

  2. what if you throw a memorial for Samuel, maybe on his birthday or close to it and ask people to bring donations to help other parents who lost/or are about to lose a baby? I am going to have a memorial in a few weeks and will ask people to bring certain things so I can bring it to the hospital I had Emery at. I will also post it online since I have met so many "strangers" interested in helped, I will get a PO box tomorrow so I can have people send us things as well. Maybe something like that you can get some people to help our donating.

  3. As a Minnesota native (I live in WI now) it really surprises me that Mankato is stonewalling you. I'd like to think that we, as a state, are more caring that others but it seems like that just doesn't ring true here. Either way you are helping other families with their loss while you are still grieving yours, that's such a beautiful thing.

  4. Keep plugging at it and it will come together eventually. I have been wondering about those beautiful boxes. I agree with Harlowe. Mankato is just making one big mistake!!! Congratulations on your up-coming article! Good work! Samuel is proud I'm sure!

  5. I think a lot of people who know your story would love to give to something like that. Doing a fundraiser-possibly a short video of his story and what you are trying to do and a link to a 'give' button (i have seen this on veemo) Make the deadline Samuel's birthday. People would respond i am sure.


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