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My name is RaeAnne. I'm happily married to a wonderful husband. We have great friends, a supportive (albeit crazy) family and lots of love.

This blog is the story of our son, Samuel Evan. He is our first baby and was so deeply wanted and loved.

He went home to be with Jesus the same day he was born into the world - April 14th, 2012. He had been diagnosed at 15 weeks gestation with a condition called Posterior Urethral Valves (a blockage in his urinary/bladder/kidney tract) and we were told to prepare for his death. We chose instead to enjoy every second we had with him, and we wouldn't trade those memories for the world. He is our little bunny and we will miss him every day until we see him again in heaven.

To read his story from the beginning, click here.

Nothing Without You means two things,
1. I am nothing without Jesus 
2.My life feels empty without my precious little love, Samuel.


  1. Holy Moly- I just watched your video, and I can't help but sob. It was beautiful, yet heart breaking and a thousand other emotions all wrapped into one. Samuel looked so peaceful in your arms. Thanks for sharing such a person time.


  2. What an incredible tribute! May all our children continue to inspire us to be better~!

  3. My son was stillborn on April 14th 2012. It was his due date and his death was completely unexpected and for reasons we still don't know. Sending hugs to you as you walk this journey.


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