Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

One of my favorite songs for Samuel is called "Up to the Moon." I saw this today and it was perfect for my little valentine.

I love you up to the moon, 
and I love you big as the sky. 

You'll always be my little man, 
I love you the best a mama can.

I couldn't sleep much last night, so I slept in today. I was sad and grumpy when I woke up.

But instead of moping around, I decided to try to make today as nice as possible for us. Since I couldn't take Samuel to Bryan's office to bring him balloons like I would have, I decided I would do the next best thing.

A few weeks ago, we ordered ourselves some super cute shirts with Samuel on them. Mine is on the left and Bryan's in on the right.

This afternoon, I put on my Samuel shirt and went to the store to find the biggest balloon I could. Sadly, the big balloons were dumb and crazy expensive (no single balloon is worth $30), so I just got a nice Happy Valentine's Day balloon and another plain latex one, that I wrote "We love you" on, and bundled them together.

I got us both some Starbucks (buy 1 get 1 free!) and headed to his office. He was very surprised and happy to see me!

No, it wasn't how it should have been, but it was what I could do. I'm glad I did it. (Plus, he said he was the only guy to get anything delivered).

He surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses when he got home. He opened his cards and gifts from me and Samuel, and then I opened his gifts for me. He got me some truffle chocolates and an amazingly thoughtful ring that says Samuel. It's perfect.

Now I have a visual reminder of my two loves; one on each hand! I have such an amazing husband and I love him dearly.

We had a yummy dinner (I even made cheese fondue for starters and chocolate mousse for dessert). I'm glad we had a nice evening together. I'm very sad Samuel is not here for love and hugs and kisses.

We miss him so much.

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  1. The ring is gorgeous! What a thoughtful husband! I'm glad your Valentines Day was as good as it could be. :)


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