Friday, January 27, 2012

Samuel's Room :)

So, with the exception of the bedding, his room is done! *We ordered the bedding, it came in and guess what? It was European sized (aka too small).  Really? Who does that happen to?  US! (it was "fun" to watch my mom and Bryan try to convince me that it was supposed to be 6 inches too short in all directions.)

Thank you to my dad for painting and mom buying him so many great things! Thank you to Andrea and Jesse for applying the verse! To Hannah and Rachel for cute books and toys! To Soren for testing out the room to make sure it was good enough :) and to Bryan for all his painting, building, arranging, rearranging, cleaning, measuring and continual patience with my constant impulses/ideas/shopping sprees.

Here are some before and during photos:

Dresser before - gray paint

His room before, as a guest room

Me and Samuel, supervising from the chair :)

Changing table, almost done!

shelves, unpainted

Bryan and my mom hanging curtains

My dad, painting

Changing table, before - black paint

painted drawers

Before painting

paper for frames

frames for his name

assembling the crib
Finished room!

On the door to his room

lamb mobile. The bear blankie is a place holder until the bedding comes in.

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