Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The appointment shuffle.

Bryan and I have been thinking, if we are expecting a miracle, then we should have a local doctor and a normal birth plan. So, yesterday, I called one of the awesome nurses in Rochester and she helped me find a good doctor in Mankato. She also spoke with our usual doctor and he agreed that we could see him every other appointment. This way, we have a local doctor who knows our case and can be there if we need more immediate care, but we also have the experts in Rochester to oversee our care. He also said we don't need to come in as often, as long as I'm feeling Samuel move. So we decided on two appointments a month; one in Mankato and one in Rochester. I like this new plan. For starters, Rochester is FAR away. Especially when all we do is drive two hours, walk in, do a 5 minute ultrasound, walk out, and then drive two hours back home! Since they are not doing any treatment, it really doesn't make sense for us to keep going there so often. Also, now Bryan won't have to take a half day off every week. So, with all that set up, we see our new doctor on Tuesday. It will be almost three weeks since our last appointment by the time we go back in. It's been both nice and odd not to go in all the time. I've also decided I'm done taking our bags with us each appointment. No thanks! Jesus said in Matthew 21:22, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” So, no more sad bag-packing for me!

The nursery is almost done. We just need a few finishing touches. I love it! It's my new favorite place to spend time. Me and Samuel listen to music, read, pray and sing (I do the singing) together in his room. We talk about how I'm going to hold him and play with him and kiss him and rock him and love him forever. I remembered a quote from Monica on Friends when she is holding her new baby boy: "I'm going to love you so much no woman will ever be good enough for you!" While that's not exactly what I want for him, you get the idea. :)  We have also been talking about how, after he's born, he is going to wear cute clothes and diapers, sleep in his crib (if I decide to put him down ever) and play with toys. We can't wait!

Please keep praying with us. Thank you to the faithful friends who still set aside time each day at 8:30pm to pray for him. We know God is listening and we won't stop asking for a miracle until we know His answer!


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  2. Yea!! I am so glad hope has captured your heart! I will continue to pray for a miraculous healing every evening and every morning.
    I will also continue to pray that you and Bryan feel peace, strength, comfort, and joy.
    Hugs to you all!!!


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