Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Decorating (photos)

We are not celebrating Christmas this year. I don't even want to put up the tree because it's too sad. He should be here to stare with big eyes at the lights and ornaments. He should be grabbing at the gifts and pulling on the bows and ripping the paper. He should be here to make our holiday happy. But he's not, so I refuse to decorate the house in the same way we normally do. Instead, I decided to make Samuel's table the most beautiful place in the house. (I wish we had a better camera so you could actually see how pretty and sparkly it is!)

Here are the photos from fall.
This is the vase I made for him. It says: A Life and Love Remembered... Samuel Evan 04/14/12.


Here is how it looks now:

The tree is covered in sparkles and diamond-looking gems. I love it because diamond is his birthstone and it's so pretty when the light from his memorial candle shines on it.

The frame is a gift from my friend Jaimi. It says, "Samuel Evan, April 14th, 2012". The ornament is from last year. It says, "baby's 1st Christmas" I still love it, even though this is his 2nd Christmas.

This is the holiday butterfly from Carly Marie, the bunny from Erin, and the heart ornament I made for him.

I wish you could really see this! It has blue and clear crystals that sparkle and diamond looking jewels all over it.

Every year we've been together, Bryan and I get a special ornament that speaks to what's going on in our lives at the time. It went from first Christmas together, to new house, to so happy, and then ready to grow our family. This year, we didn't want to skip the tradition, but didn't really know what to get.
I finally found one that's perfect.

 I love it because the bears actually look sad and that's how we feel.

Finally, here is the holiday card/birth announcement we sent out this year. I wasn't going to send anything, but I realized he deserves a birth announcement just like every other baby. My friend Adrienne - who is awesome at doing things like this - made it for us and I love it <3.


  1. I love all your Christmas things for Samuel and your announcement/Christmas card is beautiful <3

  2. You are really making this a special Christmas for Samuel. Did you hear Scotty McCreery's version of Christmas in Heaven from his new Christmas CD? It made us feel not better but just different...a good different. I'll never forget my first Christmas without my sweet son. I was so glad when it was over. Please do everything you feel you need to do and your way. I let my mother-in-law talk me into things I later regreted. She NEVER understood. I am so happy to see you taking control of what you do for yourself and Samuel.


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