Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doing Some Good - Will You Help?

A new friend of mine has such an amazing idea for how to honor her son this Christmas, I've decided to do the same for Samuel.

Will you join us in doing some good in Samuel's name?

Starting now, and up to December 24th, will you do something good in Samuel's name and then share it with us? It can be anything... a good deed (carrying someones bags to the car, helping a neighbor put up lights/shovel/etc) or a unexpected gift (paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line), charitable contributions (we love NILMDTS), or any other thing - big or small -  that you feel would make someone's day/life better.  See below for more ideas*

This is what we are asking:
1. Do the good deed,
2. Tell the person/charity, "We're doing this in memory of Samuel Evan" (or baby Samuel).
3. Write us a card with "Remembering Samuel" written on the outside or send an email to RememberingSamuelEvan (at) gmail (dot) com and tell us about it. If it's something where you can take photos, we'd love to see them too. (Please be sensitive, we don't want photos of pregnant woman or babies.)
4. On Christmas Day, we will open and read the cards/emails together and then save them in Samuel's memory box.

Our goal is to have a big pile of cards/emails to see how our little Samuel has made a difference this Christmas.

Thank you for helping make Samuel's short life meaningful <3



  1. James and I did our Remembering Samuel Good Deed yesterday and we have a picture for you! Will be thinking of you Christmas morning finding out what it is! Yes, it was well known it was for Samuel!!! We were so excited and happy to do this!!! HUGS!

  2. I just sent this via email to
    RememberingSamuelEvan@gmail.com. Was that okay? I know you put (at) (dot) but I thought u meant @ and. I hope you get this for Christmas morning!


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