Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Faith's Lodge Holiday Tribute

On Saturday, Bryan and I went to the annual Holiday Tribute for families who have visited Faith's Lodge. It was a small gathering in Minneapolis at the Woman's Club.

There were a few speakers, some special songs and then a candle-lighting ceremony. Each family got up and lit their candle for their baby/child and said his or her name. It was beautiful and special but very sad. So many families! It was only a tiny representation of the community of people who will be missing their sweet little one this Christmas.

I cried a lot of the way through the service, but it was good and I'm glad we went. Faith's Lodge is such an amazing place. Please consider donating to them if you're looking to make a holiday contribution. 

Here is the video of the children remembered at the ceremony. Only families who sent in a photo are listed.

Samuel's friend, Hannah, is at 3:15. Samuel is at 4:22.


  1. So glad you guys were able to make this. We were hoping to but didn't work with our schedules. Next year will be a must. Our church is doing an empty chair service for those who have lost a loved one which sounds similar to what Faiths Lodge did. Sending you guys a Christmas card soon! Shared your blog with our family members and they loved reading about Sam's little life. So glad to have met you, keep in touch.

  2. Glad you went to the service. It sounds like you are doing everything in your grasp to help get through this holiday. Hugs to comfort you.


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