Thursday, June 21, 2012

flaming arrows

When you get pregnant, you get put on lots of baby mailing lists. When you're baby dies, no ones takes you off the lists. So, almost every day, you get mail with pictures of mommies snugging their newborns and words like "Now that your baby is here _____ (insert some comment created to evoke your strong mothering instinct and get you to buy their product). I think this was a scheme designed by the devil himself as a way to shoot flaming arrows of hurt and despair, bitterness and anger at you on an almost daily basis. This, and also BabyCenter emails that won't stop despite your 7, 384 attempts to "unsubscribe". Today's email reminds me to "record the milestones of your baby's life". Yep...I should...but I can't...there will be no milestones. (where is the "my baby died, stop sending me emails" button?)


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