Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Anonymous Gift

We just received a gift for which I have not enough words to express my gratitude. It's a gift of money in an amount I'd be embarrassed to say out loud. My mom presented it to me and said it was from someone who cares about us but won't let us know who they are. I am still in shock about it.

She forwarded a bit of the message that came along with it. She edited out the names and refuses to tell me who it's from.

RaeAnne, Bryan and baby Samuel's story has touched out hearts in a very
deep way.  We have cried with them, cheered with them, prayed with them,
we have hung on every word, we have thought about that precious beautiful
little boy and the impact his life and story has made in our life and the
lives of thousands.  It seems so horrible that someone would have to go
through this to make a difference in so many others lives but Samuel's
story is not being wasted.  Oh no not one little bit.  Every heart beat
and kick, every item of clothing, the crib, the chair, the books, the
music, the verses RaeAnne shared, the bitter bitter tears she and Bryan
and all of you have shed are not wasted.  They are pointing to love, deep
deep love. 
We would like to do something special for them.  We don't know their
exact needs but they do.  We would like it to be anonymous so that it can
be celebrated as a gift of love not concerned with who gave it.  Let us
know what would be helpful.  Maybe to help with her All That Love Can Do
project.  Maybe something for their house.  Maybe a bill paid off that is
hanging over there head.  Maybe just for fun money.  Let us know how we
can make an impact in this story.  It would be our pleasure to do this
for Samuel and his mama and daddy.  
Looking forward to your response. 
I simply have no words. There are so many things we can use it on. We're tucking it safelty in the bank until we can find a way to use it in a way the honors the gift to it's fullest extent.

Here's my problem: How do you thank someone if you don't know who to thank?

If you are the person who gave the gift, please know it has touched us deeply. I cried when I read the words you wrote about Samuel. This gift means the world to us. I wish I had deeper, more meaningful words to let you know how much it means. I have no way to repay such a kindness, or to match your generosity. I wish I could tell you in person. Thank you. Words are not enough to say that fully. Thank you.

We send our love to you. Thank you for caring for us.

with Samuel in our hearts,
Bryan and RaeAnne


  1. I'm sitting in an airport trying to choke back me tears after reading this. You deserve it and I'm sure you will know in your heart how to best use this wonderful gift when it's time xxxx

  2. How deserving you are. In your suffering you have helped so many by sharing "how it really is" to lose a baby. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I thought I was crazy and had gone mad and was selfish. You taught me I was normal. You obviously have helped this other person too. What an amazing gift to have received! I am just so darn happy for you!

  3. People like that make me feel like there is still hope to raising my children in this world. Such beautiful hearts.

  4. How wonderful... obviously this person has been watching from afar as many of us have, praying and crying with you. You have many years to offer gratitude and in many small acts CONTINUE to pay it forward... and you so clearly chose to do as people already. God Bless you.


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